Government & Trade

Government & Trade Solutions

ACS Laboratories is a world leader in providing solutions that allow governments and institutions to facilitate legitimate trade, fight fraud, enhance security and increase revenues.

For over 45 years, we have nurtured a spirit of innovation. It has led us to forge strong partnerships throughout the world and establish a leading influence in the industry. Our aim is not only to meet our clients’ requirements but also to bring added value to end-users in an ethical, cost-effective and reliable way, and contribute to the competitiveness and security of the country or trade location we deliver for.

To this end, we have designed a range of unique and sustainable solutions with international quality standards where we assess conformity towards regulatory requirements, boost government revenue, secure and facilitate trade, support efficiency and promote autonomy and good governance.

Learn more about our different services and some of the key agricultural commodities we inspect:

Ports Solutions

We deliver dedicated solutions for port authorities, allowing for more automation and optimization of processes to achieve an improvement in overall performance.

Marking Solutions

We’ve designed state-of-the-art solutions to assist governments to guarantee access to compliant products while securing their tax revenues.

Verification of Conformity

Our verification of conformity service helps ensure that shipments conform to local importing standards in order to be cleared at destination.

Customs Solutions

We combine innovative technologies with our field proven experience and know-how to assist customs administrations to reinforce their capabilities and autonomy while securing their revenues.

Telecoms Solutions

We offer an innovative and secure mobile device management solution to guarantee a seamless access to domestic mobile networks and ensure the safety of its end users.