Oils and Fats

Oils and Fats Inspection & Testing

We provide expert, one-stop inspection, testing and assurance services for all types of vegetable and animal oils, and fats cargoes.

Our tests and inspects edible vegetable and animal fats and oils. We put a one-stop solution at your disposal which provides reliable quality and quantity assurance as well as safety and traceability of any liquid cargo throughout the supply chain and as per latest FOSFA* standards. Our FOG and marine insurance administrators also deliver tailor-made risk management packages to a wide variety of oil and fat commodity traders.

Our scope of services include:

Pre-shipment Inspections

Identification of cargo for shipment

Sampling of tank farms/storage facilities

Weighing and sampling

Verification of weight calculations

Composition of reference samples, sealing, retention

Laboratory testing

A complete offer of physical and chemical analyses

As per latest national and international standards and methods


Independent, trustworthy certification an quantity and quality

E-certificates as well as hard copies issued at any location

Risk Management

Full Outturn Guarantee (FOG)

Stock Monitoring

Charterers' Liability Cover

Combined Cover


Loading and discharge supervision

Verification of cleanness of vessels and shore tanks

Supervision of tank gauging


Photographic reporting