Testing Services

Testing Services

Our testing services and accredited laboratories help you ensure that your products meet all necessary quality, safety and sustainability standards.

Our network of laboratories, and partner laboratories, are strategically positioned in proximity to the world’s major trading centers to maximise our reach and provide a truly global service to our clients.

We operate a comprehensive range of testing services for food, all types of commodities, and a multitude of consumer goods.

As part of our testing services, our expert analysts are able to provide physical, chemical, microbiological and contaminant testing using the very latest equipment and methods. We also deliver a range of quality certificates for your products based on results of analysis.


Our inspection and testing services for agricultural commodities help clients mitigate risk, comply with contractual obligations, and make their businesses more transparent and sustainable.

Consumer Goods

Ensure the quality of your consumer products and the reliability of your suppliers with our inspection, testing and certification services.

Oils and Fats

We provide expert, one-stop inspection, testing and assurance services for all types of vegetable and animal oils, and fats cargoes.

Food & Healthcare

ACS Laboratories provides state-of-the-art and reliable analytical services to guarantee food safety along the entire food supply chain.

Government & Trade

We are providing solutions that allow governments and institutions to facilitate legitimate trade, fight fraud, enhance security and increase revenues.